Software engineer who loves solving complex puzzles. Primarily uses Rust, Python, and TypeScript on a daily basis but has implemented projects in several other languages including, but not limited to C, D, and Bash.

Firmly believes that great code is just as much about the communication between developers as it is about solving actual problems in the most efficient, idiomatic, and elegant way possible. Proponent of lifelong, continuous learning and initiative-lead self teaching with an extensive history of mentoring others, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

Interested in electronic circuits, embedded development, language design, software architecture and abstractions, security, privacy, and free / libre software.

Has worked on bringing a variety of projects to life during a decade-long practice in graphic design, industrial product design, and jewellery design. Throughout these endeavours, the main focus and passion has always centred on research and experimental work in the field of generative, algorithm-based, 3D form-finding, and modelling.

For many years taught as a consultant and faculty lecturer at the prestigious Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. During that period, helped to launch the interdisciplinary Digital Craft Lab to combine modern manufacturing and design principles with traditional craftsmanship.

Supporter of accessible rapid prototyping techniques, the modern maker movement, and the efforts to bring back the culture of long-lasting, repairable product design over the contemporary, disposable consumerism.