Peter Varo
Curriculum Vitae
Personal Details
Name Peter Varo
Engineering Skills Design Skills
Specialist Rust Specialist Industrial Product Design
C Jewellery Design
Python UI / UX / Graphic Design
D 3D CAD / CAM Modeling
JavaScript / TypeScript 3D Mesh Modeling
Enthusiast Go Enthusiast 3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping
Cython Metalworking
NASM Sculpting
Scheme / Common Lisp Typography
Arduino 3D Rendering
Explorer C++ Explorer Photography
Haskell 2D Animation
Tools Arch Linux Tools Illustrator / Inkscape
Virtual Box / QEMU + KVM Flash / AfterEffects
Docker Krita / Gimp
SublimeText / Vim Rhinoceros / SolidWorks / FreeCAD
Git Blender / Modo
GDB / LLDB / PDB / iPDB / PUDB KeyShot / LightStudio
Cargo / Tup / Scons / Make CrazyBump
Valgrind Darktable
Fontlab Studio / Fontographer / FontForge
Others PostgreSQL / SQLite
HTML / XML / SVG / Jade / Jinja
2018 — Senior Fullstack Software Engineer
Django + MyPy + Stripe + PostgreSQL + Angular + NgRx
Tassomai Ltd.
Designed and implemented a low-level, arbitrary length and alignment bit-parsing and slicing mechanism in Python and C on top of Redis' bitfields to reduce internal network traffic and size of the in-memory caching layer.
Designed and implemented a high-level proxy objects hierarchy on top of Stripe's API in Python to support the latest SCA requirements as a backward compatible, robust, idiomatic, and flexible wrapper.
Designed and implemented a modular, composable, declarative, and reactive animation framework in TypeScript to support CSS, JavaScript, and Lotti-animations to unify all animation types and support highly complex dynamic compositions.
2016 — 2018 Senior Fullstack Software Engineer
TurboGears + PostgreSQL + React + Flow + Redux
We Got POP Ltd.
Redesigned and implemented an internal (customer facing) message editor with integrated support for a large number of key features provided by the company in Python and JavaScript.
Designed and implemented an efficient (both size and speed wise) rich-text protocol and rendering engine in Python and JavaScript to support custom text field editing and serialisation.
Implemented native Python 3 support in AWS Lambda in C when Amazon only supported Python 2 to develop services targeting this version.
2014 — 2016 Creative Software Developer
Flask + SQLAlchemy + GLFW + GLEW + OpenGL + Oculus SDK + Arduino
Kitchen Budapest — KIBU Innováció Nonprofit Kft.
Designed and implemented a modular, extensible, parameterised, and 3D printable construction toy system in OpenSCAD and an accompanying framework in Python and Arduino/C++ to make building, programming, and, experimenting with robotics accessible to anyone.
Designed and implemented an event-driven, high-level, and declarative hackathon-framework and runtime in C with Python and JavaScript bindings to help teach and recruit teams to the talent-programme of the company.
Designed and implemented a hand-gesture-driven 3D modeling VR simulation in C and Python targeting the Oculus Rift and the Leap Motion, on top of Blender's game engine to represent the company on an exhibition.
2011 — 2015 Consultant and Faculty Lecturer
3D CAD Sculpting and Rapid Prototyping
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
2012 — 2014 Software Developer
compass + PyQt5 + cvxopt + PyMunk + RPi.GPIO + RhinoPython + pyd + pthreads
2011 — 2013 Founder and Lead Designer
2007 — 2014 Industrial Product and Graphic Designer
2009 — 2011 Industrial Product Designer and Concept Artist
Malibu Kft.
2007 — 2008 Apple Genius and Technician
X-Multimedia Shop Kft.
2011 — 2013 Metal Worker and Jewellery Designer, BA
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
2008 — 2010 Industrial Product Designer, BA
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
2005 — 2007 Industrial Product Designer, BSc
Budapest University of Technology and Economics